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Utilizing CloudFlare's network

I've decided to begin connecting our websites to the CloudFlare network and we will soon be offering managed hosting packages which include CloudFlare. [ continued ]

Staying productive when working from home

Most web design and development professionals do part or all of their work at home. It can be challenging to stay productive when you've got a distractions galore and you're in a comfortable zone where you're used to entertaining yourself instead of working. It requires self-discipline to deal with this situation. [ continued ]

How to decide what to charge for your services

Every business owner will, at some point, have to decide how much to charge for their products or services. There are many, many different conflicting pieces of advice floating around out there about this issue. Deciding on a pricing formula doesn't have to be complicated. Well, when you're talking about mega corporations with thousands of products and services, then I guess you do need to get complex about it, but this post is going to focus on the small business owners who don't have to deal with those headaches. [ continued ]