The foundation of a well-built website is a rock-solid server and
robust software architecture that is able to grow and evolve with your business.

A well-designed infrastructure and software can give you a
return on your investment many times over and stay useful for many years.

Custom Programming

PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

We can make just about anything you like!

WordPress Websites

Landing pages, brochure websites, online publications, e-commerce shops, non-profit organizations, you name it.

Managed Hosting

Host your website or app on our blazing fast and scalable Linux SSD servers that come with excellent security and a 99% uptime guarantee.

Technology Partners

An overview of the software frameworks and modules, services, and server hardware we use.

We host our own website and some client websites on servers provided by DigitalOcean. Each server can be provisioned according to your needs, but our typical setup is:

Cores Memory Disk OS
1 1GB 30GB SSD Ubuntu

When it comes to building websites intended to be managed by clients, we prefer to use WordPress due to its user-friendliness and open-source plugin ecosystem. Many features can be built in a relatively short amount of time using these plugins and when circumstances require it, custom plugins can be created for specific requirements.


One of our favorite frameworks for front-end development, AngularJS is packed with features that let us develop just about any kind of app or service.

Meteor is our go-to choice when you've got an idea that requires integrated solutions for web, desktop, and mobile.

When you've got requirements that demand high performance, scalability, and robustness, Phalcon is our instant recommendation. We have used it for enterprise and mission critical projects requiring response times measured in milliseconds.

Pivotal Tracker is our project management software. We use it to plan and execute every phase of a project, and it's an excellent choice for developing in iterations. Pivotal Tracker uses data points to gauge progress and generate analytic reports that tell us and the client exactly where a project is at, what's left to do, and how long it probably will take.

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