SilverStripe Modules

Sometimes after we're done with a client project, we either realize we've discovered a better way of doing something or developed such a value-rich collection of software, which we retain the rights to, that it would be unwise to not share it as open source or as a commercial product. We prefer the former over the latter, but we also need some way of bringing home the bacon so the really good software packages are licensed for a nominal fee.

Stoked Invoices

We developed our own invoicing system and use it in our daily business operations. It's a very simple application in its first version, with only three forward-facing pages: the invoice page, online payment page and payment confirmation page. We currently support the Stripe payment processing service with this module and have plans to add more payment service providers in the future.

Cost: FREE! Download from Github

Stoked Projects

The projects you see listed on our forward-facing website also have a pretty comprehensive administration panel, with tools that allow WYSIWYG formatting, image uploading and management of project scope, objectives and resources.

Stoked Clients

Our client listings are powered by a client management module we built for our purposes that integrates with Stoked Invoices and Projects. Featuring an administration system that allows you to edit contact information, attach clients to projects and list the invoices that belong to them. The client manager is not a stand-alone module, it requires Stoked Projects and Stoked Invoices to be installed as well.

Silver Social

Silver Social is the vastly improved collection of modules that were used to power the Regal Models network of membership websites and their main social hub. Featuring member profiles, image and video sharing, private messaging, and e-mail notifications.

Cost: $99 Contact us for more information!