Meet the Team

We are a small team of creative individuals who are working together towards a common goal; That goal is to exercise our minds and innovate in every way possible.

We don’t believe in large IT departments or outsourcing IT functions to other countries simply because they’re willing to charge a cheaper price for it. We acknowledge that our team members are our most prized assets and we treat them like so.

As a result of these philosophies, we’ve been able to produce great work with a fraction of the size of most corporate IT departments. Three or four diversified, highly talented and extremely motivated individuals can accomplish a great deal more than 30 or 40 people doing the same work with nearly zero enthusiasm, and often with far better results.

Our team members are skilled in more than one field or subclass of work. We believe that this diversity helps to keep our team’s minds fresh and full of knowledge while making them flexible enough to meet most demands from a project.

Ryan Freeman

Founding Member Kaimuki, Oahu, Hawaii


CEO, Creative Director, Senior Web Developer, Information Architect, Server Administrator


Project Management, XHTML/CSS Programming, User Interface Design
With over 8 years of experience in the web development field, Ryan brings a lot to the table in terms of skills, experience and professional connections.

He learned Graphic Design at the University of California, Irvine and was awarded a certificate in June 2004 after spending three years at the university.

Ryan got his big break when he was hired as a Senior Web Developer to work on the social network for Baby Boomers and Generation Joneses by internet startup maverick, Robert McNulty. Mr. McNulty was one of the original founders of, which was sold to Compaq for $200 million.

After leaving BOOMj in 2008 and due to his experience working with the Pringo social network platform at BOOMj, Ryan was hired by Pringo to work as a markup and integration specialist at their offices in Santa Monica, California, where he worked on integration projects for clients such as Hot Moms Club and KaBOOM Playgrounds. Ryan also played a large role in the development and integration of the Pringo company website, which can still be viewed online.

He currently resides on the island of Oahu in Hawaii and is spending the next few years building Stoked Industries and surfing awesome waves.

Cory Lange

Member Newport Beach, California


Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Videographer, Photographer


Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Videography, Photography, Graphic Design
Cory has over 10 years experience being a web and graphic designer as well as a video editor and motion graphics designer. He graduated from California State University Long Beach with a major in Film & Electronic Arts and went on to be Graphic Designer for Calvary Chapel Multimedia and, later on, Yes, that's right, Cory and Ryan both have worked together for a long time. That's what makes them such a dynamic duo.

Cory adds great value to Stoked Industries with his talents in video editing, graphic design, videography and photography. These talents are incredibly useful when we have projects that demand original material and excellent production quality.

Cory lives in Newport Beach, California and spends most of his time being a freelance video editor and doing surf photography and videography. He is pretty bad-ass at it.

Anthony Stramer

Member San Clemente, California


Web Developer, PHP Programmer, MySQL Database Administrator, iOS Developer


PHP Programming, Database Administration, iOS Development
Anthony is a MySQL database ninja, expert PHP programmer and iOS developer. He met Ryan and Cory while working as a Web Developer at and he was responsible for a large part of back-end operations there, programming systems that would go on to be the backbone of several applications at the company.

Anthony's incredible talent in the field of databases, PHP and iOS is extremely helpful when Stoked Industries is working with medium to large scale projects that are heavily reliant on databases and programming logic or require iPhone and iPad applications to be developed.

He lives in San Clemente, California and likes to take on freelance MySQL DBA jobs.

Kriztofer Laborete

Member Kaimuki, Oahu, Hawaii


Business Developer


Marketing, Sales, Business Consulting
Kriztofer graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in the Shidler College of Business with a degree in Finance. He worked at TD Ameritrade for a "White-Glove" service team in San Diego to pay his way through college. He has 4 years experience in sales and 4 years in the Finance industry. Kriztofer is currently a loan processor for the Bank of Hawaii and believes that web application development is becoming key in the future of many businesses. He said "many companies nowadays are realizing that the web is driving many businesses to the top: Facebook, eBay, Walmart,, etc. Most companies' prime advertisement today is through the web. Old media and brick-and-mortar establishments are in the process of transferring all or a large part of their services to the world wide web."