New Client Questionnaire

Thank you for choosing Stoked Industries! We're stoked that you're interested in contracting our services.

Before we enter into an agreement to provide services to you or your company/organization, we must have you fill out this questionnaire. We know it's pretty comprehensive and detailed, but it'll benefit both of us in the long run because it helps us to clearly see the picture you're seeing and it also helps us to determine whether your project is an endeavour we have the time for and would like to undertake. Our present and past clients agree that it's worthwhile to fill out. Thank you for your time!

Who are you?

Background information

Some details about your organization

Info about your project

Info about your audience

Info about your brand

Features and scope

Design technology

Timeline and budget

Sharing a realistic assessment of what you have to spend on this effort will help us scope the engagement appropriately. While disclosing your budget might not be something you typically do, sharing this information with us now will greatly reduce the likelihood of both sides spending significant time and resources "shooting in the dark."

We know this was one pretty long questionnaire but trust us, it was worth it. We will e-mail you a copy of the questionnaire for your records, and we will get back to you within 7 business days.