Welcome to the Stoked Industries Blog

It is with great pleasure that I write the inaugural post of the Stoked Industries company blog. I decided to open up our company's day to day activities to blogging so we could share the valuable bits of information and advice we come across and learn about every day. Since our work is based on open-source software, it would also be beneficial to the OSS community for us to share what we know, such as the solutions we come up with for problems we've faced in our work.

Working with businesses from different industries and fields has also given us some insight into how they operate and how their business models could be improved or modified. We'll also be blogging about our observations on these experiences... although, naturally, we won't be revealing any confidential information.

Since agile methodologies, efficiency, simplicity and innovation are core ideas that power this business, we'll also be sharing our tips on how to improve your productivity, efficiency, and better manage your professional network.

Without further ado, welcome to the blog and keep an eye peeled for upcoming posts.

-Ryan Freeman

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